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Spaceship Industry

March 2, 2009

What are the challenges of the upcoming spacehsip industry ? What are the policies that will govern this new industy ? What are strategies of the players in this field ? What will be the impact on different industries (chemcial industry, electronic industy, Air transport industry, etc.) ?
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Please find below a collection of interesting sources:

1) Sustainable Space Exploration and Space Development – A Unified Strategic Vision by

Buzz Aldrin, Ph.D.
Apollo 11 Astronaut
Sr. Fellow, Aerospace Technology Working Group

Feng Hsu, Ph.D.
Sr. Fellow, Aerospace Technology Working Group

Ken Cox, Ph.D.
Founder & Director
Aerospace Technology Working Group

2) “Space Access ’09, our upcoming annual conference on the technology, politics, and business of radically cheaper access to space, featuring a cross-section of leading players in the field, will once again be the place to hear the latest on the fast-moving entrepreneurial new-space industry.”

3) Internet’s largest resource for space, aerospace and defense talent. With over 13,000 resumes and 450 companies online,

4) International Space Development Conference, May 28-31 in Orlando